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Welcome to WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM™ web portal. By using the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM website YOU SIGNIFY YOUR ACCEPTANCE AND UNDERSTANDING OF THE TERMS OF USE, LEGAL NOTICES AND PRIVACY POLICY with all their restrictions, terms and conditions that appear in this website.

WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM refers to GLOBAL IMPORT & EXPORT DISTRIBUTION Inc. or its authorized agents, branch offices or distributors.

WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM may change the website and the terms of use from time to time. It is recommended that each time you use WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM website you read the terms of use, legal notices and privacy policy that refer to your transaction and the use of this portal. If you are not satisfied with the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM website, its contents or the terms of use, legal notices and privacy policy you have the right to stop using the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM internet portal.

Unauthorized changes, providing the false personal data, using agents or intermediaries while purchasing or doing illegal actions are forbidden in this internet portal.

The right to take over the contents
The ownership rights
The copyright infringement notice
The laws applied
The links leading to the internet presentations of the third parties
The owner and the administrator of the internet portal

The right to take over the contents

You have the right to take over the contents from the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM web portal only for private and non-commercial purposes on condition that You keep the copyright, trade marks and other information about the ownership in the material. The material should not be modified or changed, it should not be copied or uploaded to a networked computer or broadcast in any way. It is strictly forbidden to modify, transfer, distribute, reuse, reupload or use the contents of the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM including texts, pictures audio and/or video contents for public and commercial purposes without the written confirmation by the authorized representatives of the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM. It is also strictly forbidden to download pictures of the products available for purchase on this portal.

The ownership rights

All contents of the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM web portal including information, data, software, graphs, videos, fonts, computer graphics, music, sounds and other materials (“The Contents”) are protected by copyright, trademarks, patents and other proprieties, therefore these rights are valid and protected in each of their forms, mediums or technology that exists today or is to be used in the future.

All contents are protected as co-ownership according to international laws about the copyright.

In addition, the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM owns, in an available legal framework, the copyright, the rights to coordinate, maintain and improve the Contents.

Except the authorised individuals or the companies with a special licence, You should not copy, change, delete, add, issue, transfer, take part in the transfer or selling, lease or use the Contents in any other way, either as a whole or some parts of it. The WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM and the other trade marks are in the possession of their owners and they are copyrighted, licensed, and when needed used with a special licence and cannot be multiplied, copied or revised without a direct written approval of the owner of the trade mark.

While using the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM web portal You agree to the fact that all information (except the information given while purchasing), materials, suggestions and comments that You sent to us or to any other third party using the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM are not confidential. When sending any required or unrequired information via the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM, You give us an irrevocable right to use, modify, multiply, transfer, disclose and distribute those materials, information, suggestions or comments for any purpose permitted by law.

The copyright infringement notice

 If You believe that Your copyright or Your protected material has been infringed by us according to DIGITAL MILENIUM COPYRIGHT ACT , we kindly ask You to submit the following data in the written form to the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM copyright agent:

  • Hand or electronic signature by the person who is authorised to act on behalf of the person whose copyright has allegedly been infringed.
  • The identification of the copyright that has been infringed, and if there are more of them on one web presentation that You object to, state a list of the alleged infringements of the copyrights.
  • The identification of the material that infringes the copyright or can infringe the copyrights and therefore You consider that its access should be disabled to the portal or it should be removed from the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM web portal. You should also provide the information that are sufficient for the provider of the services to find (track) the material.
  • Enough information that enable the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM to contact the customer who complains – his or her address, telephone number, and an e-mail if possible.
  • The statement in which it is claimed that the information in the notice are true and that they claim in the libel that they are authorized to act on behalf of the exclusive owner of the copyright that has allegedly been infringed.

The representative of GLOBAL IMPORT & EXPORT DISTRIBUTION Inc. in charge of receiving the notices about the infringement of copyrights can be contacted in these ways:
Fax: +1 727.573.9393
Phone: +1 727.573.9390

The laws applied

The WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM web portal is commercially-wise led, maintained and controlled by GLOBAL IMPORT & EXPORT DISTRIBUTION Inc. in the FLORIDA State US. The legal notice, the Terms of use and the Privacy policy abide by the laws of the Florida State and federal law of US in spite of some articles or the possible judicial discrepancies.

The links leading to the internet presentations of the third parties

The WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM internet site contains the links to the sites under the control of the third parties, including but not limited to the internet sites of the third parties that display the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM trade mark. You can use these links freely and their one and only purpose is the access to the links of the third parties.

The WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM neither guarantees the quality, functionality, accuracy, adequacy, purchasing rate nor any other description of the contents of the sites of the third parties. The links to the sites of the third parties on the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM DOES NOT represent sponsorship, recommendation, approving of or a responsibility for any of the third party sites. The WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM does not guarantee for any products or services offered on the third party sites.

The Terms of use and the Privacy policy on the third party sites can be very different from the Terms of use and the Privacy policy of the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM web portal. We recommend that You go over the Terms of use and the Privacy policy of those portals carefully.


We kindly invite You to read the Privacy policy for the information on the privacy measures on the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM web portal.


If You are using this portal Your responsibility is to keep the confidentiality (secrecy) of Your user name and password and to limit the access to Your computer. You agree to take over the responsibility for all the activities concerning the use of Your user name and password. The WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM web portal can only be used legally. The activities that include but not limited only to unauthorised changes, giving false private information, purchasing through agents or the attempts of fraud or falsifying are forbidden. The users are forbidden to violate or attempt to violate the security of the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM, including, but not limited to the following:

  • The access to the data that are not intended for the user or the access to the server or using the account for which they do not have the permission.
  • The use of the web portal in the way that is not intended for them or the attempt to try to make the site work differently.
  • The attempt to investigate, scan or test the system or the web vulnerability, attack the security system or security measures without permission.
  • The attempt to obstruct the service of any user, web server, including but not limited to these - putting the virus to the site, flooding, spamming, mail bombing and crashing.
  • Falsifying any of the headers of the TCP/IP package or any other information in a header of an e-mail message. The violation of the system or the security of the web can lead to legal responsibility.
  • Falsifying of the communications media on behalf of the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM (false presenting as the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM web portal) or on the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM (presenting oneself as an official user). It is strictly forbidden to send unwanted or unauthorised e-mail messages on behalf of the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM including promotion and/or advertising of the services and products.

You agree not to use the means, software, procedures or try to obstruct the work of any activity on the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM. You agree not to use or attempt to use any engines, software, tools, agents, data or some other applications or mechanisms (including but not limited only to these: browsers, spiders, robots, avatars or intelligent agents) for the navigation or browsing the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM web portal except the available browsers, search engines and search agents authorised by the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM.


Certain products or other materials that You can buy on the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM web portal may be liable to the export control of the S federal export law. NONE of the products of the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM can be exported if they don’t abide by the current laws about the export, including but not limited only to the current prohibitions.

While purchasing the goods and/or the services of the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM web portal You agree that You will respect all current laws about the export, rules and regulations and that You guarantee explicitly that You will not transfer nor supply the products and/or the services to the individuals from abroad who break the law.

The owner and the administrator of the internet portal

GLOBAL IMPORT & EXPORT DISTRIBUTION Inc,13101 56th Court Unit 805 & 806, Clearwater, Florida 33760, US 

phone: +1 727.573.9390
fax: +1 727.573.9393
Official presentation:
e-mail address:

**The last version of this document was published on: 1st December 2009.



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