Jamnica Water 1.5L PET

Jamnica Water 1.5L PET
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Jamnica is a carbonated natural mineral water of original purity, crystal clearness and drinkability. Its benefits were enjoyed by the old Celts a thousand years before Christ. Thanks to Empress Maria Theresa, Jamnica was first chemically analyzed in 1772, after which it was included in the registry of mineral waters of the Viennese Court. The first bottles of mineral water Jamnica were filled in 1828. At that time, Jamnica was sold in pharmacies as water for prevention and treatment of many chronic diseases. According to the water analyses between 1823 and present day, its composition has remained practically unchanged, which confirms the permanence and stability of the source quality.

Jamnica is pumped in Jamnička Kiselica from 500 meters deep underground sources (Jana Well) and is protected against any contamination.

Jamnica is a perfectly clean refreshing drink suitable for everyday use, especially in summer heat and for increased perspiration. It is particularly favored in the gastro and hospitality industries. It is characterized by a unique taste, balanced mineral contents and natural carbonation. Jamnica refreshes and quenches thirst and mixes well with juices and other drinks, with an exceptionally favorable effect on human health.

It contains 3800 mg/l of mineral and 3500 mg/l of natural carbon dioxide. It has been awarded the Croatian Quality mark and won the prestigiouis EAUSCAR award as the best carbonated water at the Aqua Expo 2003 water fair in Paris.

Jamnica Sensation represents new refreshment in the form of a flavored carbonated mineral water. Two flavor combinations are available - lime-kiwano and tangerine-mapo. The product contains 18 calories per 100 ml of fluid on the average, which puts it in the light product category.

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