Podravka Fant for Fish Soup and Paprikash 60g

Podravka Fant for Fish Soup and Paprikash 60g
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Fant for fish soup and paprikash is a ready-made mixture of spices and vegetables for enhancing the flavour of fish dishes. It contains all the necessary ingredients except fish: onions, tomatoes, sweet and spicy paprika, pepper, bay leaves and mustard. This Fant makes food preparation simple and enables you to create a wide range of freshwater fish dishes, such as fish stew with potatoes, rice, vegetables, etc. Storage tips: Store in a dry place at room temperature. Best before: date printed on the packaging. Directions: Fry 1 onion in oil, pour over with 1.5l of lukewarm water and stir in packet contents. Add fish and boil for 25 minutes. Add wine and hot pepper if desired. For paprikash strain 2 pieces of fish when done. Serve with pasta.

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