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Privacy warranty for our users

As we highly appreciate our customers we opted for a highly responsible personal information sharing policy. We pay great attention to keeping Your personal information secure and we act in accordance with all current state laws about privacy in the Florida state,  federal laws in US, as well as with our internal fair business standards.

GLOBAL IMPORT & EXPORT DISTRIBUTION INC. and its branch offices comply with the following principles while gathering, using, sharing and the security of the customers’ personal information:

  • GIVING NOTICE - When we ask for certain information You will be informed why they are needed and how they will be used.
  • THE POSSIBILITY OF MAKING CHOICE - If we contact You for the purpose of advertising, we will inform You how to remove your information from the future advertising campaigns.
  • SECURITY - We will use appropriate security measures to protect Your private information.
  • SHARING - When we share your personal information that help provide the services with other companies, we will require from them to apply all laws concerning privacy policy.

Every member of GLOBAL IMPORT & EXPORT DISTRIBUTION INC company and/or any internet portal published by GLOBAL IMPORT & EXPORT DISTRIBUTION INC or its branch offices can have its specific privacy policy that can be modified according to its needs and in accordance with these principles.


The following privacy policy describes the way of sharing your private information on the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM web portal. When you give your personal information You ARGEE, UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT the way we use Your information as described in this policy.
This privacy policy does not have to apply to other internet sites available via the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM. Our web portal includes the links to other internet sites owned by the third parties, including, but not limited only to the third parties’ portals that have the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM trade mark. We advise You to read the policies of those sites and get acquainted with the way they collect, use, share and keep Your information secure.


Information we collect
Use of Your personal information
Personal information given to the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM by the third party
Sharing Your personal information
Changing Your personal information
Security of Your personal information
Cookies, Clickstream technology and the third party services
Collecting children’s personal information
Questions about the privacy policy and the security of Your personal information
Notification of the changes of privacy policy

Information we collect

By using the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM portal we can collect the following information of Yours:

  • Contact information, including the name and the surname, home address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, the information about Your company and any other attributes that show the nature of Your interest in the contents of the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM portal
  • The information about the ordering, the information that are important for the way of payment, making an invoice and the delivery
  • Exclusively, the number of Your charge card and only in the final process of the money transfer

While You are buying our products or using our services, we may require your personal information e.g. when You:

  • Buy our products or use our services
  • Create Your account on the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM web portal
  • Agree to the time of a delivery
  • Take part in prize games, promotion activities or research
  • Contact the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM with a question or a query
  • Take part in other activities via the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM portal

Use of Your personal information

We use Your personal information for these, but not only for the following:

  • Filling the form for the delivery of a product or providing a service
  • Monitoring and confirmation of the delivery
  • The delivery of the product
  • Giving help to the customers
  • Organizing prize games, promotional activities or opinion polls
  • Making research or analyses
  • Sending out the advertising material
  • Doing other business activities when needed

Personal information given to the GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM by the third party

The information about friends or members of the family
If You give us the information about someone else or someone else gives us the information about You we will exclusively use these information for the required purpose e.g. your friend’s address for the purpose of the delivery or the use of „Show this to Your friend“ option in our advertising e-mails.

The information by the third party
The WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM provides the information by the third parties in order to make its users' database as accurate as possible, to bring better understanding of our users' needs as well as to identify the potential customers. For example, we get recently filled in addresses from the National Change of Address (NCOA) service in order to get the accurate contact information about our customers.

Sharing Your personal information

The WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM doesn't sell or lease Your personal information to the third parties.

- It can sometimes happen that Your personal information are available to other Globali Imports & Export companies. These companies can use the information only to advertise products and services that You are interested in. The WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM can give Your information to certain third parties such as our agents, employees and other representatives who act on our behalf and for specific purposes. For example:

  • Filling in the application for procuring a product or a service
  • Selling out the advertising information
  • The delivery of the parcels
  • For the accountancy purposes
  • Making researches, analyses and opinion polls
  • Sending of the regular and the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM e-mails

The third parties whom we cooperate with are authorized to use Your personal information only for the purpose of doing the required services. They are obliged to consent to our privacy policy including all possible measures of Your personal information security.

- In addition, we may lease group information to the third parties for the purpose of analyses and research. Those information don't include the name, surname, address or any other recognizable information by which You could be identified.
- If needed, we might be obliged to share Your information if required by legal proceedings, a legal order, a state investigation or other activities required by law. We keep our right to inform the authorities and agencies about any activities that are against the law, in our opinion.
- We may disclose some of Your personal information when we believe that the information is needed to protect our or other people's rights, assets or security.
- Personal information can be transferred in case of selling, merging, taking over of the company or something similar to these.

Changing Your personal information

You are personally responsible for changing Your personal information. You can do that at any time at My account option on the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM web portal. We only keep the right to correct the spelling and grammar mistakes in Your personal information section.
The permanent deletion of Your personal information is possible only if you send a written request that you can sent to the addresses below. After the deletion of the information if you had any orders on our web portal the information about the transaction will be kept for some time together with Your personal information. We are obliged to do that by the law of the FLORIDA STATE and federal laws in US.

Security of Your personal information

When you buy products on the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM we apply all possible security measures to protect Your personal information that are under our control and we limit the access to them. The WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM can't guarantee the security and privacy of any information obtained from You via e-mail message. You do that at Your own risk.

We use various security methods on the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM web portal in order to secure Your internet transactions. The WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM uses SSL encryption technology for protecting Your personal information while being transferred from Your computer to our server. SSL technology encrypts information such as the data You give to us while registering, making orders, payment – all Your personal information, number of Your charge card, price, amount and the type of the product you order, the way of delivering it etc. The information You give to us via SSL encryption technology are not visible to other users of the internet.

Choosing the password on the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM
When creating the account on the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM it is necessary to create a password. In order to have the highest security level, You need to provide a password containing at least 6 characters and 30 characters the most, using the combination of letters and numbers. Only You are responsible for keeping Your password and personal information private on Your account. You have the possibility of purchasing products on the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM web portal without creating an account, but it is necessary to include Your personal information when needed.

Cookies, Clickstream technology and the third party services

Cookie ili A "cookie" is a string of data sent by a website to a user that is inserted in a file of the web or the browser or in the hardware of the computer of the user visiting the site. The WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM web portal and e-mail services use the cookies in order to make the ordering easier and simpler. The cookies simulate the constant connection between Your computer and our server and give us a possibility to track the information about Your habits and your clicks on the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM web portal. In addition, they give You the possibility to go to some sections of the web portal without logging in again. The WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM uses tools by some other producers to keep the cookies on Your computer, and they don’t have the capacity to collect information that involve directly Your private information.
Although the cookies may contain a unique user’s identification, they don’t collect or WWW the information that can identify an individual. However, there is an available option to save the logging in information (user name and password) in the cookie, so that they will be remembered when You use the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM web portal again. This option can be found on the log in page. We don’t recommend this option to the inexperienced users of computers and the internet. It may be more difficult to type your user name and password each time, but it is much safer.
If you do not want your browser to accept cookies, you can turn off the cookie acceptance option in the browser's settings. In that case, You won’t be able to log in, browse the contents or make orders on the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM web portal.

Clickstream technology
The WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM collects automatically the clickstream information (the information that track the clicks of the mouse) such as URL address of the internet site that You have visited before the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM , which pages You have visited on our web portal, which browser You use while browsing our pages, which key words You use in the “search” option as well as other information. These anonymous clickstream data enable better purchasing options to our customers and help our staff understand the visitors of the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM better.

The services of the third parties
The WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM uses the services of the third parties for advertising itself all over the internet and for analyzing the internet flow on our behalf. They can collect anonymous information about your clicking on the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM portal and Your interaction with the contents of our advertisements. These companies can use the technologies similar to those mentioned above in order to measure the effectiveness of the advertisements and e-mail messages. In addition, they can use the information about Your visits to our internet site to enable targeted advertising for our products and services. In this case none piece of information that can disclose Your identification will be given. We only disclose anonymous information in the form of a group information with the aim of analyzing and improving our web portal. If you need more information on these activities and Your right not to disclose these information to the third parties for the purpose of advertising, please, visit

Collecting children’s personal information

We are very strict about the security of the children’s private information. We do not knowingly collect the personal information of children under the age of 13.

Questions about the privacy policy and the security of Your personal information

If you think that Your privacy and security have been abused by the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM we invite You to report the infringement of Your rights. If You have any additional questions about this policy we are at Your service for further explanations. We will contact You in up to 5 days when we receive Your request. You can contact us in one of the following ways:

Call: +1 727 573 9390
Send an e-mail message to:
Send a letter to:
attn: Customer Care/Privacy
13101 56th Court Unit 805, Clearwater, Florida 33760, USA 

Notification of the changes of privacy policy

As the WWW.GLOBALIMPORTEXP.COM continues improving its services, products and offers, this policy is prone to change.
In the case of the changes or the addition to the privacy policy, it will be published here or presented in another way, available to You. In case we change the policy of information sharing and this policy in the way that does not suit You or it endangers Your integrity, You have the right NOT to accept or share Your information for any purpose.

** The last version of this document has been published on: 1st December 2014.


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