Prolom Mineral Water 1.5 lit

Prolom Mineral Water 1.5 lit
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Prolom Water belongs to the group of low-mineralized, alkaline waters (pH 9.2), with hypothermic properties. It has natural diuretic and bacteriostatic effect. High alkalinity of Prolom Water makes it ideal for establishing body's pH balance. Because of its low mineralization it can be consumed in great quantities, and its mineral composition is suitable for all population categories: children, pregnant women, adults, athletes and amateur sportsmen.

It is especially recommended for rehydration of our body and auxiliary mean in treatment of the following diseases:
- Kidney and urinary tract diseases,
- Digestive diseases,
- Skin diseases,
- Non-articular rheumatism.

Product Code 91150
Condition New
Weight 20.000Lb


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